JETT Inc. performs business of 3D-CAD designing,
production engineering & technology, QC and IT developments.

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We are recruiting the engineers involved in automobile and aircraft development.
We value your zeal for manufacturing.

● We need active engineers to work in our company (contract job)
● We need active engineers (specific temporary staffing) to work in a variety of enterprise.

"want to become an engineer"or "want to improve my skills further as an engineer. " JETT(Japan Engineering and Technology Team) was established in order to give such people with zeal for manufacturing chances to take an active part.

We've been obtaining thick trust from the major first class manufacturers, and you can take an active part in the center of the development project. 。
Pleasure that improves you skill, pleasure to output products you're involved, pleasure that you touch the state-of-the-art technology and the one to be voluntarily involved in world and height or more. Feel the pleasures and the boast to be such an engineer with us.