JETT Inc. performs business of 3D-CAD designing,
production engineering & technology, QC and IT developments.

Jet incorporated company

Jet incorporated company

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Massage from the President

We Provide Japanese Excellent Engineering Knowledge to the Clients Globally.

In the globalization era, Japanese companies are seeking their opportunities to flourish in other countries,
on the other hand, companies in other countries are seeking their own ones in Japan.
As we know, it is remarkable especially in the development and manufacturing.
Japanese excellent engineers are taking an active part all over the world in such a circumstance.
They've been expanding the place of activity to a lot of countries in the world,
and do engineering services day by day.
However, in the engineering services connected with countries,
There're a lot of losses of the quality, the cost and the time in each stage of the product development,
the preparation for mass production, and the startup of a manufacturing line.

We started our business in order to provide our original knowledge that reduces these losses as much as possible
not only to Japanese companies but also to the companies in all countries.
We dispatch our excellent engineers and engineering skills, besides we provide all of knowledge
needed in the process of planning - design - engineering - trial manufacture - experiment -
preparation for mass production - mass production by making good use of the skills and knowledge on the productive,
the metal mold, and the product evaluation technology based on our experience.
Moreover, it's important to envisage the peculiar needs in each region.
we believe it is important to do the quality control, the cost and delivery management on those needs.
And we always catch up the latest technology that keeps evolving, and correspond to the demand from our customers flexibly.

We endeavor to enrich our skills and knowledge with the ceaseless challenging spirits, and keep us personable.
Our goal is to widely contribute to the society by offering our practice and specialists.
We take our practice and staffs as our business resources, and contribute to the society by providing them, and develops with the society.
1. Customer Satisfaction Improvement
We consider the improvement of the customer satisfaction consistently and act for it, and we rejoice the joy of the customer.
2. Employee Satisfaction Improvement
We consider the improvement of our practice and humanity consistently and act for it, and keep ourselves personable.
3. Stockholder Satisfaction Improvement
We consider the improvement of our corporate value consistently and act for it, try for company development.
Company infomation
Company Name ジェット株式会社 JETT Inc.
Date of
Capital 30000000(JPY)
Stockholder Akihiko SUZUKI, And 4 Persons
Representative Director:Akihiko SUZUKI
and 3executives, 1 Inspector
Number of Staffs 33(As of Apr.1.2014)
Address 【Head Office:Gifu】
66-1, 5-chome, Soharaseiuncho, Kakamigahara,
Gifu 504-0843 JapanMAP
TEL:+81-58-380-2277 FAX:+81-58-380-2278
Nagoya I.D Lab.2 2F, 2-15-19Nishiki, Nakaku, Nagoya,
Aichi 460-0003 JapanMAP
TEL:+81-52-204-2244 FAX:+81-52-204-2246
1-2-26 Komemachi,Kokurakitaku,Kitakyushu,
Fukuoka 802-0003 JapanMAP
TEL:+81-93-967-2299 FAX:+81-93-967-2215
Banker Juroku Bank, Kakamigahara Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Gifu Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank, Gifu Branch
Aichi Bank, Konan Branch
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Sohara Branch
Design and Fabrication, Sale Of Automobile Parts
Design and Fabrication Of Aircraft Parts
Design and Fabrication, Sale Of Gigues for Automobile Parts
Design and Fabrication, Sale Of Gigues for Aircraft Parts
Information Technology
Quality Control, Production Engineering & Technology
Specified Worker Dispatching Undertaking(派21-300299)
Corporate Governance
We consider the management that values the technology and the persons as the basis of our corporate governance.
As a member of society, we conduct our business according to the compliance and ethics without disclosing any confidential information, and the executive officers overtake with high standard ethics. We believe that leads to sustainable and continuous management.
Therefore, it is the basic idea of our corporate governance to strengthen the management system with the balance of the technology and management without overemphasis for finance.
Social responsibility

Action charter

  • Do fair, clear, unfettered competition, and a proper business.
  • Recognize we are supported by the society, and acquired the satisfaction and the trust of the consumers by own skills.
  • Positively develop the technology as a corporate person, enrich the society by the technology and contribute to the society.
  • Esteem employee's diversity, character, and individuality, and make the business environment safe and comfortable.
  • Management should always know whether the employees are observing this charter, and endeavor to make the business environment safe and comfortable.

Observance of laws etc.

  • Understand Worker Dispatch Law correctly, and manage our business rightly.
  • Understand Labor Standards Law correctly, and make the business environment safe and comfortable.
  • Understand Occupational Health and Safety correctly, and aim at no industrial injury.
  • Understand the Equal Employment Opportunity Law correctly, and try to improve the workplace environment.

Quality management

  • Understand customer's quality demand adequately .
  • We make an effort to the quality improvement to obtain customer's high satisfaction rating.
  • Correspond for the customer by both the technical side and the human nature excellent qualities.

Environmental management

  • Consider the reduction of CO2 as key problem.
  • Promote the eco products, and endeavor to maintain the global environment.
  • Promote the saving resource and conservation of energy, and endeavor to use the global resources effectively.
  • Promote the recycling of waste, and endeavor to form the recycling society.

Skill improvement management

  • Improve our skills of the business which we take charge of.
  • Endeavor to improve not only skills but also humanity.
  • Management positively assist in the employees' skill improvement.

Protection of individual information policy

  • Manage and treat individual information etc. treated in our business rightly.
  • Observe the law and other standards concerning protection of individual information and etc.
  • We have made our rules on individual information etc., and stipulated it as "Individual information propriety management regulations".
JETT Inc. participates in local CSR activities as well as pursing profits.

<Basic stance>
1. We participate in CSR activities as members of the local community.
2. We build up CSR activities one by one that Company and Employee can do.
3. We bring up spirit to share pleasures and pains through CSR activities.

<Concrete action >
1. Company's activities
  ① We make donations to social welfare council.
  ② We make donations to support facilities for persons with disabilities.

2. Employees' activities
  ① We join in the clean-up activities.
  ② We join in the blood donation activities.
Company event
1. We carry out the study sessions three times a year for the purpose of improving our human skills.
2. We carry out the interchange between employees once every three months.
3. We hold the general meeting once a year and confirming company performance and action policy.